DIY Scarf Bracelet

DIY Alexander McQueen Inspired Scarf Bracelet  I get asked quite a bit in Style Workshops how to wear scarves. Many people own them but aren't quite sure how to work with them. So, today I want to show you a simple way to incorporate a scarf into your daily wear!

DIY Alexander McQueen Scarf Bracelet

My inspiration was this scarf bracelet by Alexander McQueen:

DIY Alexander McQueen Scarf Bracelet

Cute, right? It's also $295. (If you are interested, you can find it here on Zappos Couture.)

Even though McQueen is one of my favorite fashion houses, I wanted the same look without the $295 price tag.

I knew I was on the right track when I found this lovely vintage Miami scarf at Junction for $6.

Scarf Collage

My Dad is from Miami, and I have sweet memories of visiting there as a kid. I love how this scarf is an illustrated map of the area.

Here are some close ups:

Scarf Detail

Scarf Detail 2

I enjoyed how the McQueen version had charm bracelet elements. So, instead of just wrapping it around my wrist and tying it off (which would have been ok) I wanted something a bit more visually interesting. I hunted in my jewelry box and found an old ring. I tied the scarf around my wrist and used the ring as a center focal point.

DIY Alexander McQueen Inspired Scarf Bracelet

I would encourage you to go in your jewelry box and use some of your other jewelry to be the "charms" that are on the scarf. Try rings, earrings, or other costume pieces that you have on hand. If you have an accessory that fell apart it might be perfect for this project - you just need to find a circle of some sort to play around with as the connector between two sides of the scarf.

Or, if you don't want to fool with all of that just tie it around your arm and call it a day!

This scarf is square, so it made for a thick bracelet. If you have a scarf that is a long rectangle you can wrap it around your arm multiple times, thus giving it a layered look.

Really, this project is easy because there is no wrong way to do it! Use what you already own, or keep a lookout for different scarves at a thrift or vintage store!

DIY Alexander McQueen Inspired Scarf Bracelet