Summer of Fashion Documentaries!

Fashion Documentary - Bloomberg Game Changers: Anna Wintour  I've declared Summer 2014 as the season of fashion documentaries.

After perusing Netflix one night I noticed how many awesome films were readily available through streaming. So, I'm going to try to watch one per week and talk about it.

(Reality check: It might not be one per week, but I'm going to at least attempt it.)

First up, Bloomberg Game Changers: Anna Wintour.

This Anna Wintour documentary is one in a series produced by Bloomberg TV to showcase various leaders, entrepreneurs, and people who will make more money in one year than I will in my entire lifetime.

If you don't have Netflix don't worry. You can watch the entire thing online for free here.

Free! Television! Fashion!

All of these words are good.

The Scoop:

This documentary is an overview of Wintour's life and accomplishments. It describes her path within the magazine industry and explains how she turned Vogue magazine into a global brand.

Watch this Documentary:

If you are a fashion novice. It helps explain why Wintour is a force within business.

Skip this Documentary:

If you have advanced knowledge of the fashion industry. This film doesn't cover new ground, but rather serves as a quick summary of how Wintour became the titan she is today.

The Nuances:

Even though I already knew most of the information reported on Wintour, I was happy to see her included in this documentary series. It positions fashion as a player within the business realm when many people outside of the industry dismiss it as something silly. (It's a $300 billion dollar industry!)

Can You Watch This While Doing Other Stuff?

Totally. It's 25 minutes, so throw it on in the background and multitask away. You might want to look up at the start of the film, though, to see early pictures of Wintour. (Surprise - she has always looked like Anna Wintour.)

Have you seen this documentary? What did you think? Anything surprise you?

The next fashion documentary I'm going to watch is Bill Cunningham New York. If you want to participate it's streaming on Netflix!