NYC Street Art

Finding Inspiration in Other Mediums Inspiration is everywhere.

My job challenges me to use my creativity muscles in new and interesting ways. In order to have high volumes of output, though, I've found that I continuously need to feed my brain.

I do that through different methods:

through books

and magazines

and art

and talking with inspiring people

and learning about history

and looking at flowers

and living in a city.

There are many ways I try to fill myself up with information and images so my creativity doesn't get wilted and dry.

One thing that sparks my imagination is street art. It's a unique medium formed by an invisible hand. It's bold, it's quirky, it's imaginative, it's brazen. It teaches me how to put colors, shapes, and patterns together in different ways. And that, in turn, helps me look at fashion differently.

Street art helps me remember that inspiration can be found in everyday life.

On a recent trip to New York City I was able to spend some time in the Lower East Side. Street art was everywhere. It was overwhelming in the best way. I couldn't take it all in!

But, I did take some pictures. Here are some of the highlights -

New York City Street Art


New York City Street Art

New York City Street Art

New York City Street Art

Where is your favorite street art location?