DIY Necklace

DIY DSquared Necklace The other day I came across a necklace that I absolutely loved....

DSquared Jeweled Beetle Necklace DIY

...until I saw the price tag. Folks, this jeweled beetle necklace will set you back $740.

Since there was no way I was going to pay that much money for this necklace I decided to try a DIY version that was inspired by this wonderful beetle.

(P.S. Would you wear beetle jewelry? Is this creepy? I think it's crazy in a very fun way, but I know that it isn't everyone's taste.)

First things first - I had to find a similar black link chain. It didn't take too long to locate one at Forever 21 ($12).

DIY Squared Necklace

Next I had to find a beetle. I was really open for it to be something other than a beetle - I wasn't interested in making an exact copy, but rather a piece that would have a similar vibe.

So, I was thrilled to find this little bee!

DIY DSquared Necklace

I found the bee at Buffalo Exchange ($6) and it came in the form of a ring. I was a little worried about working with a ring at first (my initial thought was to find a brooch that would easily attach to a necklace). But, with a little work the bee snapped off the base with a clean break.

DIY DSquared Necklace

The next thing was to attach the two pieces. do you do that? Attaching metal to metal takes a bit of problem solving. Superglue wasn't doing the trick. I did a bit of looking around and found a product called J-B Weld , but after looking into it I didn't want to buy a product I might only use once. I also read the instructions and got as far as "mix this" and decided not to do go in this direction. Basically, I'm a lazy DIYer.

Awesome Intern Christy had a great idea - why not attach it to a piece of fabric and then attach the fabric to the necklace?

Intern Christy is pretty smart.

DIY DSquared Necklace

I found a spare piece of ribbon from another project. I attached the bee to the ribbon using superglue then wrapped the ribbon around the necklace. You can probably tie off the ribbon on the other side of the necklace depending on the length / width of the piece, but I decided to sew a few stitches to close the two sides together. It turned out to be a good idea - the stitching helped the piece stay flat against the chain.

DIY DSquared Necklace

I love this necklace.

It's adorable, and I like the bee better than the beetle!

DIY DSquared Necklace

A few notes:

-If you are interested in making your own necklace, keep an eye out for beetle / bee jewelry at consignment shops and thrift stores. It might take a little while, but eventually one will turn up (especially if you are looking at the costume jewelry).

-I'm still looking for variations on this type of jewelry myself. Perhaps I can trade out insects later on! Or, maybe a big, funky beetle will finally turn up.

-It also may take a little bit to find the black chain as the base. You might try Target, Kmart, consignment / thrift stores, Kohl's, etc. When I'm doing this type of project I put a note in my phone for the parts I'm trying to locate.

DIY DSquared Inspired Necklace

DSquared for $740 on the left, my version for $18 on the right. Love it.