DIY: Mini Fashion Emergency Kit

Throw This In Your Purse (Just in Case)!  Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction in the middle of a meeting?

In an interview?

While you were walking down the street?

(My answer to these questions = yes, yes, and yes.)

Introducing the DIY Mini Fashion Emergency Kit. The next time you are in the middle of an embarrassing clothing conundrum you will be READY.

DIY: Mini Fashion Emergency Kit

I've been thinking about making this kit for awhile, but a real life emergency pushed me in this direction. Not sure if you know this, but I have chronic pain. It has been a part of my life for a number of years and it ultimately means that I need a low dose of medication in my system at all times. Dealing with pain isn't something I really think about anymore - it's a normal part of my daily life.

Well, the other day I forgot my medicine at home.

Not good.

I usually carry around a supply in my purse, but for stupid logistical reasons I ran out of the house one morning without pills. If the medicine goes completely out of my system I'm in a bad place. The pain is so great that I have problems walking / functioning and basically my body says, "I'm not going to move anymore."

I was actually with Lisa working on our podcast press kits, and (after realizing I didn't have medicine on me) I turned to her and said, "I have to leave right this second. I have about 20 more minutes before my body doesn't work."

Dramatic? Yes. But, also true.

I came home, took some meds, and needed about 2 hours to recover. But, once I recovered I was good to go.

The lesson: I can never, ever accidentally leave my pills at home.

The idea for a fashion emergency kit has been hovering in my brain for a bit, but the need to have an extra pill stashed somewhere pushed everything forward.

SOOOOO....with that in mind, I tried to think of small products that I wish I had on hand at all times. But, first - the case!

DIY: Mini Fashion Emergency Kit

This. Case. Is. Awesome. It's a travel size Q-Tip container. I think I found this one at CVS, but you can also find one here (for $1.23!). It's the perfect size, and it snaps together so there is no chance of things falling out.

Here are the products that are included:

DIY Mini Fashion Emergency Kit

1. Band-Aids! - Guess what? I always, always forget these suckers at home. No more!

2. One nerve medication pill. - Just in case I forget or get in a tight spot.

3. One aspirin pill. - I'm always fishing around for one when I have a sudden headache!

4. Breast petals. - Honestly these may or may not stay in the kit. It's summer, so it's logical to wear thinner material or a bra that is strapless. I've been in a couple of situations where I wish I had some of these guys around. But, it hasn't happened too often. I'm going to leave them in the kit for now and see what happens.

5. Clear Bra Strap. - It might be a little difficult to see, but if you look at the bottom of the pink card there is a clear bra strap. This can be used as an extender or a strap if your bra breaks. This is another item that may or may not stay in the kit.

6. An emergency numbers list! - This might seem a bit odd, but I really don't know anyone's phone number. It's just a product of having a cell phone for so many years and pushing one button versus typing in a number. If I misplace my phone (or it dies) I can still reach my husband / mom / a friend. Or someone can go through my bag and know who to contact.

This card also lists my medications / allergies.

Finally, I wrote down my husband's sizes! If I run into a great men's sale when I'm running around town I can reference them.

7. A card with bobby pins, safety pins, and hair ties.

DIY Mini Fashion Emergency Kit

I was trying to fit all of these little guys in the kit when my awesome, awesome intern, Christy, had a great idea: why not put them on a card? Duh. We found a scrap piece of cardboard packaging, cut it down to size, and fit all of these little items on it. That way they aren't floating around and it's easy to see if I need to replace something.

Plus, aren't these the items that we never need until we NEED THEM IMMEDIATELY?!! Have you ever been in a situation where you said, "gah!! I wish I had a safety pin!" Or, "my hair is driving me NUTS and I can't put it back!!!" Meeeee tooooooo.

So, that's my mini fashion emergency kit. Is there anything else that I should put in it? Or, is there something I should trade out?

Oh, and I almost forgot -

DIY Fashion Emergency Kit

I had some crazy zebra print duct tape, and I put it on the back as a decoration. Now it's SO much easier to spot in my purse!

Do you keep in-case-of-emergency products on you? Have you created little kits of your own? If so, do tell! Even better - if you have one / make one send me a picture! Would love to see it! You can reach me at!