Changing Seasons: 5 Tips to Flip Your Wardrobe!

How to Turn Your Fall / Winter Wardrobe Into Your Spring / Summer Wardrobe  Do you have a small closet?

Me, too.

If you are one of the lucky ones who has a large closet a) I'm jealous and b) send me pictures. (I'm only kind of kidding.)

One of the things I look forward to with the change of weather is switching out my wardrobe. It may be a tad bit tedious, but it can be a fantastic treasure hunt as well. Yes, seriously!

Winter Wardrobe Collage

Here are 5 tips for switching out your wardrobe:

 1. Pull all of your winter clothing, then divide it into 2 piles. 

Is there anything in your current fall / winter wardrobe you can consign? If so, divide your clothes into a "storage" pile and a "consignment" pile. Consignment stores are seasonal, which means you can't take a leather coat to consign in the middle of May. If you have heavy clothes to consign you will need to hold on to them for a few more months. But, if you identify potential consignment pieces it means you can go straight to the consignment store when the weather changes again. The result? You start the next season with money in your fashion budget.

Note: Consignment rules change from store to store.  Check out what is going on in your area. A number of consignment places won't take items that are more than 2 years old, but in general if your stuff is in great shape and looks good stores will consider it.

2. Do some mending! 

Go through your "storage" pile. Is a button missing? Shoes need to be polished? Take a little time to get your clothes in tip-top shape. Next season you can immediately start wearing your clothes instead of getting dressed and finding an item needs work. Plus, you will feel so accomplished!

5 Steps to Switch out Your Seasonal Wardrobe

3. Determine items that need to be dry cleaned. 

I like to clean items before placing them in storage. It doesn't mean I rewash everything. Instead, I assess which items need a little love and could use a good cleaning. It may mean taking coats or heavy sweaters to the dry cleaners to have them professionally done.

Note: If you want to save some time and money use Dryel. It's an amazing at-home dry cleaning product (just make sure to follow the directions!). 

4. Keep a couple of pieces. 

I always leave behind a few items from the previous season. Why? Weather is crazy.

As we head into summer I'm not going to keep sweaters in the middle of my closet, but I will leave 1 mid-weight jacket and 3 long sleeve shirts. It may sound crazy, but the weather the past couple of years has been unpredictable.  Also, having a few pieces in my closet is a buffer for when the weather really does change. That way if I can't switch out my wardrobe on the first day of fall I will have something to wear until I can do a proper switch!

Summer Wardrobe Collage

5. Take an inventory of what you need next season. 

Before packing your clothes away, is there anything you need to replace next season? Are your wool pants looking worn? Do you need another heavy winter coat? Make a list and put it in your phone or wallet. That way it is easy to recall the items.

This works for a few reasons:

*Most of the time people don't remember what they need. If you don't know what you need that means that you may make a shopping mistake. Knowing is half the battle!

*The potential for buying on sale is higher. If you know you need a new v-neck sweater you can keep an eye out for one as the seasons change. If you happen to run into a fantastic sale, that is great! It means you are covering your basics while shopping smart.

*It can make shopping less overwhelming. Ever go into a department store and feel drained? I shop for a living and sometimes I feel that way!  Writing out your goals is a way to keep focused, thus cutting down on the "noise" of shopping.

Don't Need to Change Out Your Wardrobe?  

If you a) have a huge closest with lots of room or b) have a streamlined wardrobe you may not have to do a big seasonal switch! That's wonderful! You can still make your life a little easier by:

*switching the placement of your clothing. About to go into summer? Place your shorts / sundresses in the part of your closet that is easiest to access. (Sometimes this just means placing them in your line of sight.)

*placing your sandals in the front, snow boots in the back of the closet. Meaning, do the same thing for your shoes and accessories so you can just grab and go!

*as stated above - still do mending and make a list of things that you need to replace. It's ultimately going to save you time and money!

Do you switch out your wardrobe each season? Do you find that it is helpful? Do you not need to switch because you have everything in one place? Do tell!