Creative Press Release Kit

A Press Packet that Pops  For the press launch for our fashion podcast, Pop Fashion, Lisa and I wanted to do something FUN.

We wanted to send a press kit that was creative and clever.

So, we sat down and thought of all of the things that we would like to receive in a press packet. Food was a big one. Info was the other.

Creative Press Packet and Press Release

We made a list of everything "pop" related.

When it came together we had:


-Bubble Gum

-Ring Pops


-Blow Pops

Creative Press Kit Around a Pop Theme

Lisa had a great idea of creating a press folder on the inside lid of the box.

Creative Press Packet

It says, "Things that Pop / Press Materials Inside / Pop Fashion (Your New Favorite Podcast)."

We put our official press release inside - it was tall enough that it was easy to see once the receiver opened the box.

We also placed a mini bio & attached our business cards using washi tape.

Kaarin Vembar's Press Bio

I loved creating these packages because it was like putting a party in a box! Even better? We got great responses.

Have you ever assembled or received a cool press kit? If so let me know! Leave links!