Sharing the Podcast Love

Pop Fashion Interview with Fresh Rag Uhhmmm...did I tell you guys that I co-host a podcast now?

(I'm seriously behind.)

Here's the scoop - I launched a fashion and pop culture podcast called Pop Fashion. My partner in crime / friend / co-host, Lisa, sells vintage clothes in DC through her business, Beltway Vintage.

It has been A.Mazing. Seriously. We are 12 episodes in, and I can honesty say that podcasting has changed my life. It has been enlightening, frightening, joyful, educational....pretty much everything you would want out of a side project.

WELL, I was absolutely thrilled when one of my favorite podcasts, Fresh Rag, invited Lisa and me on the show to talk about fashion, business, and authenticity. Fresh Rag has been a staple in my podcast lineup for months because it explores topics that are hugely important for creative people.

Pop Fashion Podcast

Lisa and I had a blast doing the interview and are so thankful to the host, Dave. He's been such a source of encouragement as Lisa and I navigate this new world of podcasting.

If you have a chance check out our episode, "Entrepreneurship is Fashionable, But is it Easy?" on his show.

You can find Pop Fashion by going to iTunes - podcasts - and then searching for Pop Fashion. Or, you can find us at this link.