Sex & The City (& Perspective)

It's Amazing How Time Changes Things I will forever have a soft spot for Sex & the City. It did great things for television, for women, for fashion, for in-depth discussions about the joys of being single, etc. The show really was subversive / enlightening in the late 90's (& early 2000's!) and simply cannot be dismissed. Our culture is still wrestling with many of the relationship topics that the show dissected. It's still relevant.

In my 20's I was a die-hard Carrie fan.

Then I watched the show again in my 30's.

Viewing Sex and the City in my 20's versus 30's

Was Carrie always that needy? Did she always make such stupid decisions? Really, why did she make those self-destructive choices? Why did she expect other people to solve her problems? I'm fully aware that people will always have insecurities, but why was Carrie so preoccupied with everyone liking her? (Even when it came to Natasha? Or Aidan? Or the women that Aidan dated?)

All I'm saying is time can change our perspective on things. Even when it comes to television shows. Even when it comes to our female fictional role models.

Any thoughts on Carrie Bradshaw or the show? Do you still love Carrie? Or, have you lost that loving feeling? Do tell!

P.S. One thing that I will ALWAYS stand by - Pat Field is a genius. Seriously. That woman was - and still is -  a fashion oracle.