Women are Like What?

Google Proves to be Informative About the Perception of Women Advertising campaigns rarely stay with me. One that has made camp in a dark corner of my brain, though, is a series of ads created last year for UN Women. The ads displayed results of real Google searches about women. It was heartbreaking. It revealed what comes up when someone types in "women cannot," "women shouldn't" and "women should." (To see pictures of the ads go here.)

Those searches took place on March 9, 2013.

A few weeks ago I wanted to see if we (the world) made any progress in one year. Here are the results.

When you type in, "women should...."

Women Should Google Search

When you type in, "women shouldn't..."

Women Shouldn't Google Search

When you type in, "women aren't...."

Women Aren't Google Search


When you type in, "women are...."

Women Are Google Search

Not much progress.

But, "women are like bacon," does give me some hope. I don't understand it, but it did make me laugh. (How many people had to type in that phrase for it to come up as a common answer?!)

I didn't click on it. I'm going to hold on to the idea that maybe some day we will do these searches and come up with answers that are powerful, silly, fun, and positive.