Start Your Creative Business!

Creativity + Business Class = Your Dream Job  Do you have an amazing, fantastic, beautiful idea? Have you always tinkered with the concept of starting a business in Washington, DC? Then it's time to go to business boot camp!

Lisa Rowan of Beltway Vintage (and the Pop Fashion Podcast) and Kelly Rand, author of Handmade to Sell, are teaming up for a new class called, "Start Your Creative Business (The Right Way)."

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In class you will learn how to develop a product line, how to price, the ins and outs of DCRA, and info on budgeting. AAANNDDD you'll receive bagels / coffee, a notebook from Craftgasm, and your own copy of Handmade to Sell.

Take a step toward your creative life!! For reals.

The class is Saturday, April 26, at 10:00AM, at Analog.

UPDATE: The class was rescheduled for Wednesday, May 21st, from 6:30 - 8:30PM, at Analog.

For ticket information go here.