How to Say No

50 Ways to Say No Saying the word no can be a bit tricky, but it is absolutely necessary in order to be successful. Having trouble saying no? Here are 50 ways to do it.

Try it! You'll Like it!

1. No

2. Nope

3. Helllllll naw

4. No way

5. No dice

6. I can see that it is important to you, but no.

7. No (then smile).

8. No, and I will not change my mind.

9. I'm not willing to do that.

10. F&^% that s@#!

11. No, I can't.

12. There's probably someone else who can help you out in a more thoughtful way.

13. No, but I still love you.

14. No, I can't give you money. Can you give me money? That would be awesome!

15. No, but I still want to be your friend.

16. I don't like doing that.

17. I would like to say yes, but I really, really hate doing it. So, no.

18. Not in a million years.

19. I know I might disappoint you, but I've decided not to.

20. Bless your heart. No.

21. I'm sorry, I just can't do it right now.

22. No, I don't have time for that.

23. I'm not the best person to do this job. Why don't you ask...

24. No. What you are doing isn't right.

25. No. Upsetting you is how I draw strength. I'm like a vampire. Made out of No's.

26. Oh, that's hilarious! No.

27. No, it's not worth the stress.

28. Let me think about

29. I hear what you are saying, but I still have to say no.

30. Not if you paid me a million dollars.

31. I'm sorry, darling, but the answer is still no.

32. I'm learning about boundaries right now, so I have to say no.

33. It's not possible.

34. No, no, no, no, 100 times no.

35. No, I'm trying to simplify my schedule.

36. No, you crazy bitch.

37. I decided not to.

38. That is not a priority right now.

39. No thank you.

40. I will not be able to.

41. No, that's not in my business plan for this year.

42. I can't do this project justice or give it the time it deserves, so I'm sorry, but no.

43. I have to cut back on my commitments, so I must say no.

44. No way, Mister.

45. I'm so honored you thought of me, but I'm afraid my answer is no.

46. All of my favors have been used up for the year, so I have to say no.

47. My apologies, but I cannot make it.

48. As if.

49. This is not a good fit.

50. No, but it sounds amazing!

And, one to grow on...

51. I've scaled back, so I will not be able to.

Did I miss another way to say no? If so, leave a comment!