3 Necklace Challenge

Shake Up Your Outfit Routine with This Fashion Challenge! Are you in a fashion funk? If so, try this fashion homework assignment that I give to clients who are bored with their clothing and want to start taking risks. It is called the 3 Necklace Challenge.

The 3 Necklace Challenge

Over the next few weeks (or whenever your budget allows) purchase 3 new necklaces. The necklaces SHOULD:

  • appeal to you. 
  • be different than your normal choices. Purchase a necklace that is in a color that you don't regularly wear. If you tend to go small and delicate go big and bold.
  • make you happy.


The necklaces SHOULD NOT:

  • be expensive. This is an experiment, so don't pour lots of cash into it. Look for sales, go to stores that have low price points, or go to a thrift store to see what you can find.
  • stress you out. These choices aren't going to determine the direction of your life. Have a good time with the assignment!

The 3 Necklace Challenge Teaches:

  • it's okay to take a fashion risk. Wearing a necklace that feels a bit out of your comfort zone is an easy way to start opening up to new things. If you get to work and feel nervous about the necklace it's not a big deal - just take it off!
  • everything doesn't have to match perfectly. Many times people don't wear jewelry because they don't have anything that "matches." Don't worry so much about everything going together completely. Trying on new colors / patterns is a way to make outfits visually interesting.
  • not to take ourselves too seriously. A necklace is an easy way to take a small risk while not being caught up in how everyone is going to respond.
  • that it is okay to include things in your wardrobe that bring you joy.
  • that a necklace can make an outfit look completely different! You don't have to collect jewelry like mad - just have a small selection that you enjoy. It will give you options when you go to your closet and will expand your wardrobe choices.


What do you think of the necklace challenge? Do you have a way of taking small fashion risks? Do tell!