DIY Flowers

DIY Valentine's Gift for a Guy Ooooh, I had so much fun making this Valentine's Day present that I had to share. May I introduce you to Tie Roses! Yup, that's a bunch of flowers that are actually ties.

I wanted to stay within the spirit of Valentine's Day while giving my sweetie something he could actually use. The idea of a tie gifted in a fun / creative way came to mind, so I after a few failed attempts I came up with a tie that looks like a rose. Each rose took less than 2 minutes to create and I spent a total of $6.00 on the project. Yeah!  

Tie Rose Materials 


Straight Pins

Turn your tie so it is label side up. I folded the end of the tie down just past the label. Basically, I knew that I was going to roll it and I didn't want to roll forever because ties are pretty long. 

Then, start rolling. 

After you have rolled it about 2/3rds of the way down stick in 1 safety pin so it stays together.

Take the remainder of the tie and fold it in half. 

Now twist while you wrap it around the roll. 

Stick in one more safety pin at the end to hold it all together. 

And, you are done! You have a rose! 

Note about ties: I found some FAB ties at vintage stores / thrift shops. I decided to give him 4 because a dozen tie roses sounded a little overwhelming. But, if your sweetie is in need of a tie overhaul I say go for it! I ended up hitting the jackpot and found the following- 

Blue Rose - Brooks Brothers

Red Rose - Michael Kors

Pink / Blue Rose - JCrew

Brown Rose - Don't know the brand. Just thought it was cool. 


I ended up sticking these guys in a small vase, but use your imagination when it comes to the presentation! 

For those of you who are near a craft store you can purchase wire flower stems / flower tape and work to create roses that stand up in a clear vase. You can also put M&M's at the bottom of a glass jar (to mimic glass stones that you would put at the bottom of a vase) so then you have both tie flowers and an instant candy jar.

You can put bows around the vase. You can wrap another tie around the vase instead of a bow. You can put the flowers "floating" in a bowl so you don't have to worry about stems at all, etc. etc.

I don't think this gift has to go to a romantic partner at all. It can also be a sweet present for a dad, guy friend, or uncle. To me Valentine's Day is just a celebration of "I think you are special and I want to tell you."

Happy (early) Valentine's Day!