Movies & Style

Why I Ask Fashion Clients to Name A Favorite Movie  As a fashion consultant it's important that I get to know my clients before we go shopping, do a wardrobe edit, or schedule a style workshop. I can certainly point out a good shirt or organize a wardrobe, but real changes occur when we talk about someone's life - their dreams, their likes / dislikes, and the things that inspire them. The idea is that we merge together the internal and the external. That way clothing becomes an expression of self versus following trends or just wearing something because a stylist says it is best.

I ask lots of questions in the beginning because part of my job is just listening to people's stories. I've written about my hardest question, but I also ask clients to name their favorite movie. This may seem like a throw away question, but there is actually method to the madness. Movies give hints to questions about style.

For instance, if someone describes their style as "preppy" and then tells me their favorite movies are Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, and Love Actually, I know there is a romantic heart right under the surface. Thus, the client may be willing to introduce some fanciful elements into her wardrobe.

If another client states that her favorite movies are Happy Gilmore and Superbad I know she really loves to laugh and have fun. She may be willing to wear brighter colors and patterns. 

This doesn't always work directly because people's faves tend to be across genres. But, it does give me a bit of insight. Style isn't just about clothing - it involves different parts of our lives and goes across mediums.

Also, describing what we like when it comes to clothing can be difficult! Usually if someone is given a picture of an outfit they can say that they like it or not, but putting fashion choices into words can be challenging. Asking lots of questions - including a question about movies - gives me another entrance into a person's personality and sense of style. 

What are your favorite movies? Do you think they say anything about your personal style?