The Fall / Summer Skirt

What I'm Wearing Today I've been inspired by nail polish (of all things!) lately. I've especially enjoyed the bright neon hues that are sticking around this fall. I wanted to see if one of those summer colors could make the transition into a complete fall outfit. Below is a pic of me wearing a skirt that would usually be relegated to July and August paired with traditional fall wear:

Outfit Breakdown

Skirt: JCrew - it came out looking a bit orange in this photo, but in person it's bright coral

Tights: Target

Top: Banana Republic (A basic I've had in my closet for forever)

Necklace: Obtained at a clothing swap!

Heels: Stuart Weitzman

Ring: Don't think you can see it in this picture, but I have on bright orange / coral ring from Gossip on 23rd

This has been SUCH a fun outfit to wear. I went shopping with a client this morning and got stopped a dozen times by people asking questions about the skirt. It was such a fun surprise! I'm now inspired to go back into my closet to see if I have any more bright hues to wear during the remainder of this fall.

How about you? Have you tried wearing summer clothes into the fall? Have you enjoyed neon colors this season?