Product Love

Why I Stole this Moisturizer from My Sweetie's Medicine Cabinet

I've had a love / hate relationship with facial moisturizer throughout my life because I have naturally oily skin. Many products make me break out, but I'm at an age where I know that moisturizer is one of the best ways I can keep my skin happy for years to come. Thus, I've been on the lookout for a product that won't break me out but will keep my skin healthy.

Enter Anthony Facial Moisturizer for men. I received it in a pack of products from Sephora and passed it on to my significant other. I tried it on a whim and promptly decided to steal it back.


It's not oily, very lightweight, and has an oh-so-slight citrus sent.

It goes on smooth and hydrates without feeling heavy.

It can be used daily.


It's advertised as a men's product! There are legions of women who would love this!

Also, the $32 price tag seems a little high. That said, I've had a small bottle of it for months, so it does go a long way.

Definitely going to keep using this one!

What about you - have you found any great men's grooming products that you absolutely love? Do tell!