FNO Pics

Pictures from DC's Fashion's Night Out I went to Georgetown last night with two lovely girlfriends to do some celebrating for FNO. Here are some shots of the evening:

Amazing Spike Heel from Cusp.

My wonderful friend, Amy, trying on a fall hat.

Amy standing with a mannequin wearing the same hat.

Pink rose dress!

More pink at Betsey Johnson! The store served Skinny Girl cocktails.

The most bumpin' party was at Kiehl's. Who woulda thought?

Great music, vodka cranberry drinks, lots of candy and a dance floor.

Kate Spade gave out huge silk flowers. I'm actually wearing mine today.

I always appreciate Kate Spade's approach to visual merchandising. This group of prints look so cheery!

Lush had a 70's disco, complete with friendly representatives from DC Rollergirls. I snapped this picture and activated the secret code to receive a free bottle of bath wash! (Secret code = a sweet girl walking up to me and saying, "You took a picture so you get this bottle." Such fun!)

BCBG had thick, multiple strap belts that were quite sexy. I snapped this picture and then was firmly told not to take pictures in the store. (Which I may blog about later - most stores are quite open to pics, but there are a few that still get freaked out. My view - we live in a time where most people have a camera on them at all times via their phone, so we must expect that more pictures will be taken anywhere we go. Also, if I'm snapping pictures it means that I will be writing about a store's products, which can only be benificial to the store. But, I digress...)

We also dropped by the Brightest Young Things party at Dena & Deluca at the end of the night.

So, all of that going about town and guess what? We didn't buy anything! I remember being blown away last FNO with some of the special prices and merchandise and made purchases at multiple stores. This year we didn't run into great deals. Did we miss them? Did things change? I totally appreciated the special decorations / snacks and effort stores put into the celebration. But, the merch and prices weren't any different than if we had gone shopping the night before.

All of that being said, it was a great time! Lots of rain, but it was fun to run around with some friends and go shopping!

Did you attend FNO? Tell me about your experience!