Looking Good, Martha!

Martha Stewart Looking Fab Have you guys seen the latest Martha Stewart Halloween magazine? Hellllllo gorgeous! Martha is looking fabulous!

Check out those over-the-top butterfly (moth?) lashes! Kudos to her makeup artists - they did a fantastic job in creating a cover that is both magical and visually interesting.

I'm a sucker for buying fall / Halloween issues of magazines. I get so excited about the season and suddenly want my apartment covered in fall decorations. It's time for yellow leaves, pumpkin bread, and long sleeves!

Also, I have become a Pinterest addict. (Pinterest is a site where you can create online vision boards. Right now you need an invite to get on the site, so if you want one leave me your email address in the comments.) The only reason I bring it up is because the site has inspiring ideas for fall crafts. It directed me to this page called 101 Festive Fall Tutorials on the website Everythingetsy.com. The site lists a number of fun concepts from Martha Stewart including directions for large leaf trivets, Halloween lanterns, and an acorn frame. See, it all comes full circle. :)

Are you doing anything to get into the season?