Fashion Blogger Meetup Event at Violet Boutique

After I attended the DC FABB fashion blogger meet-up at Violet Boutique last night I made a decision to completely reject the statement, "DC has no sense of style." So many beautiful, interesting, kind women turned out, and I just couldn't get enough of what everyone was wearing.

And, people were so amazing with the details! Every time I thought I completely grasped an entire outfit I noticed a small choice with an accessory or a shade of lipstick that made me oooh and ahhh. It wasn't just about the clothes, either. There were so many strong people with such interesting perspectives and backgrounds. Basically, I came away with the notion that this group of bloggers could pretty much run the world.

Can you tell that it was a great event?

Here are some pictures for you to peruse!

That's Julie on the left and me on the right. Julie is the dynamite owner of Violet Boutique. She helped me pick out the dress that I'm wearing (which came from her boutique, of course!). She has such an eye for color! She encouraged me to try on the dress and I just fell in love. I highly recommend you get yourself over to Violet Boutique and talk with Julie! Trust her instincts - she's amazing!

This is Jen. She writes the blog Sew Frugal & Fashionable and is just a powerhouse. She has challenged herself to not purchase anything new this year, and comes to events in stunning outfits that she either made, refashioned, or found at Goodwill, consignment, or thrift stores. If you live in DC, MD, or VA you can find her teaching sewing with the Silver Spring Sewing Sisters.

On the left is Liz from the blog So Much to Smile About. She is also one of the co-founders of DC FABB.

This is the lovely Emily from Capital Style. You can follow her blog here.

The amazing Ujji B from StylesByUjjiB.

On the left is fashion designer Tamika from House of KAS.

In the middle is model and stylist Dana who writes the blog The Diary of Franky J.

On the right is Ujji B.

Here is Alina from The Hyperbalist. It's always a joy to see what Alina is wearing and how she puts outfits together. (You can see another True to Style pic of her from a vintage event here.)

Excuse the blurriness of this pic, but I still had to post it to make sure you got a look at her shoes. Perfect. Just perfect!

This is Lacey, the other co-founder of DC FABB and author of the wonderful blog A Lacey Perspective.

Finally, some product shots from Violet Boutique, because there is always such great merch there!

Did you attend the DC FABB event? Let me know about your experience or link to your blog below!