How to Buy Basics

How to Buy a Button Down Shirt A white button down shirt is a wardrobe staple. It can be mixed and matched, dressed up or down, and basically can be the glue that holds an outfit together.

But, finding a white button down shirt that is flattering can be quite tricky! Here are some things to look for when you shop:

1. Make sure that the shirt is tailored to fit your shape. If not, it is going to be boxy. If it is boxy chances are it isn't going to be very flattering.

2. Look for darts. Darts give the shirt shape (and can prevent that "box" shape).

3. Look for a shirt that doesn't have pockets on the chest. I call them boob pockets! Instead of the eye traveling up and down it will be drawn directly to the pocket. Which means directly to your boobs. If you get a shirt that has one or more pockets that's okay! It isn't a fashion faux-pas. It's just preferable to have a clean line.

4. Look for a shirt that has a round cut at the bottom versus one that is straight across. This will give you the option to wear it tucked in or outside of your pants. Again, it isn't wrong if you have one that goes straight across. The rounded bottom will just make things look more complete.

Now, where should you get this elusive white button down shirt? It's a difficult question. Because it is a staple many stores carry variations of this shirt year-round. But, they are all made a bit differently and the cut can change from season to season. I've had some luck at bigger department stores like Macy's and Lord & Taylor. I've also completely struck out at those stores, too.

The big thing is to keep these tips and mind and to keep your eyes open for one that is really going to flatter your shape. If you purchase one that is made correctly it can last for years while being the go-to shirt for a beautiful outfit.

Have you had trouble finding a white button down shirt? Have you been able to find one? If so, let us know where you found it!