Butler & Claypool

Vintage Fashion This past weekend Readyset DC hosted a Summer Mixer featuring vintage goods by Butler & Claypool.

It was a very steamy day. The perfect day to attend a fashion event wearing a big, floppy hat.

I love this hat because it reminds me so much of the hat Holly Golightly wears in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

I met up with Lisa from Quarter Life Vintage at the event. Guess what? She was wearing a big, floppy hat too!

I had to take one picture of just her shoes. Adorable.

There was great vintage merch:

I especially enjoyed the Butler & Claypool tags. I ended up purchasing this delicate lace brooch (for the fantastic price of $4) and had to take a picture of it with the tag still on.

There were also many fashionable people in attendance. Rachel looked like a vintage bombshell.

This is Alina.

She found a pair of vintage jeans that looked like they were made just for her. She also found the below purple bracelet.

This is Jen.

She was so beautiful in her nautical stripes!

Such a fun afternoon of shopping and meeting new people.

Lisa and I even ended up in a slide show of the event on The Feast because of our big, crazy hats. You can read the article here.

Have you been to any fashion / vintage events this summer? Do tell!