Makeover Style

Beth's Closet Caucus Makeover for the Washingtonian It has been a busy 2 weeks over here at Closet Caucus, but for a very good reason. The Washingtonian contacted me and asked if I would like to style someone for a makeover story. Uhmmm...yes, please!

My client, Beth, has such an amazing and inspirational story. She decided to change her life in March of 2009 by joining Weight Watchers. Since that time she has lost over 90 pounds, has become a runner, and is training right now for a marathon! She started a blog called Beth's Journey to chronicle her story and to talk about food, life, and health.

Because Beth's body has changed it also means that her wardrobe / clothing options have changed. We have spent the past two weeks talking about style, life, clothing options, the past, and her future. She is such a strong person. I told her yesterday that I thought she was a warrior goddess in a past life because she has so much inner strength. :)

Tomorrow is her photo shoot at the Washingtonian. We put together 3 outfits utilizing clothing in her closet and some new pieces (some of which she got at last week's clothing swap!). I can't wait to do the big reveal of her new style. She is ROCKIN! The thing that thrills me the most is that we were able to take that internal strength and show it externally through fashion.

The whole experience has been fantastic and I'm tickled pink to go to the photo shoot and watch her work it in front of a camera! Will let you know how everything turns out!