Fashion, Media & the Royals

Did Newsweek Make a Big Mistake with this Cover? The latest Newsweek cover is ruffling feathers. The layout features a Photoshopped picture of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton seemingly walking side by side.

The pictures were obviously selected due to the similarity in style of dress. Editor Tina Brown also penned a fictional article about the type of life Princess Di would be leading if she would have lived to see her 50th birthday (which happens to be this Friday).

The reaction to the article and the cover has been mixed. The London Telegraph called it "ghoulish" and even said that Brown was "Newsweek's grave robber." Others think it is inspired.

It is interesting how clothing plays a part in this story and in the countless comparisons that are made between Middleton and Princess Di. Style always tells something about personality. Yet, any overlap that Middleton makes in her fashion choices will always trigger a Princess Diana analogy.

This fictional Photoshop moment makes me uneasy. It reminds me of something a tabloid would do instead of a magazine with a long history of actual reporting. If Newsweek was trying to push some buttons it certainly accomplished that goal.

On a lighter note, the cover goes to show that a shift dress will always be relevant and in style.

What do you think of the Newsweek cover? Is it in poor taste or is it an interesting way to contextualize the fictional Princess Diana article?