Refashioned Dress

New Take on an Old Dress I come from a military family, so my parents still attend balls. I really love that military tradition - all of those people in uniforms and beautiful gowns. Sigh....

Of course when you go to ball after ball you have to continually come up with new things to wear. So, I was just smitten with Mom's fabulous idea about taking one of her old gowns and refashioning it into something new. She had a beautiful gown that looked smashing on her...but it also ended up being something like 4 sizes too big.

Mom took up running and now participates in races like The Army 10 Miler. I'm so inspired by her drive and courage for taking up running! But, as she found out, running soon required a new wardrobe because her body changed.

Here is a picture of her in the dress (along with my Dapper Dad):

And, here she is in the dress after reworking it so it would fit her smaller size:

Now it is a one-shoulder dress with a flower. Here is a close -up:

So pretty!

This week one of my posts featured a Vera Wang dress that had a similar concept on top:

I told Mom that she should be totally impressed with herself - she designed a Vera Wang dress without even realizing it!

I recently interviewed Marisa Lynch, author of the blog New Dress a Day, for an upcoming article I'm writing for Shoestring Magazine. Marisa refashions thrift store finds and makes them into amazing pieces with an entirely new life.

Between Mom and Marisa I've been very inspired to take up sewing! I would love to learn the process of creating a new garment out of an existing one.

Have you ever refashioned a dress? How did it turn out?