Cartoon Shoes

These ModCloth Shoes Look Like 80's Cartoon Characters Oooh, I love ModCloth so much. I especially love their fantastic dresses.

This weekend I was cruising the site and found myself laughing out loud at the shoe section. I started noticing that the heels looked a lot like cartoon characters I loved from the 80's. So, here are some brilliantly quirky ModCloth shoes and their cartoon doppelgangers.

The Spectacular Spectrum Wedge is

Rainbow Bright! (My personal favorite.)

The Cascade Parade Wedge is

My Little Pony!

The Freed from Amber Wedge

Is She-Ra.

The Crystal Bouquet Heel

is Holly Hobbie.

The Shoe Don't Know Me Wedge in Canvas

As Gonzo.

From the Heartland Heel

As Olive Oil (which I know isn't technically an 80's cartoon character, but go with me).

And finally

The Rachel Antonoff for Bass Gamine Gait Flat

As Pee-wee Herman.