My Stylish Momma

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there!

Today I want to talk a little about my Mom, Taunya. I think little girls first learn about style by looking to their Mothers.

Mom continues to teach me about internal beauty. She leads by example - always emphasising that kindness, joy, and helping others are elements that make life fulfilling.

She definitely has had an influence over my external style as well. How adorable is that dress? She looks like a pixie!

A few years ago one of her friends pulled me aside to tell me that she thought my Mom was glamorous. I think her friend was a bit too shy to tell her herself, and it just tickled me to hear that compliment.

One of the most poignant lessons I learned from my Mom about poise happened during a sad time. Her Mother passed away and our family was at the funeral. It was a difficult moment, and I can't imagine the heartbreak that my Mom experienced that day. I watched Mom go around to different people to thank them for coming and ask how they were doing. It was such a big lesson in what grace looks like - in the middle of her own turmoil she was interested in others. The memory of her reaching out to people that day is something that I carry quite close as an example of compassion and beauty.

Mom has never been a person who cares about labels. She is much more interested in finding a good deal. Which totally helped me out - I now make a living helping people find clothing options that fit within their budgets! She also taught me about wearing the right thing for the right occasion.

The #1 lesson that Mom taught me about style and life is to always, always keep my sense of humor and not take myself too seriously. Because the ability to laugh so hard you cry is probably the thing that makes a person most beautiful.