French Fancy in DC

Georgetown Does Paris Right This past Saturday was Georgetown's 8th Annual French Market. It was such an amazing day I'm still riding on a bit of a high from it. The weather was gorgeous (we actually had a spring day in DC!) and the overall spirit of the event was joyous.

Stores set up their wares outside, French music played, and there was lots of great food.

The music was definitely a highlight. I think this is from the 30's or 40's (someone out there who knows more about music set me straight!).

Georgetown French Market 2011 from Kaarin Moore on Vimeo.

The Market gave me a chance to go into places that I usually pass by.

This painting was outside the Susan Calloway Fine Arts Gallery. I fell in love with the ballerina. She's so beautiful!

My outfit was actually the catalyst for going to the Market. I put on my Paris shirt in the morning and said, "Wait, isn't there some sort of French event going on today?" So, I wanted to give you a peak at what I was wearing.

Plus, I just wanted a reason to stand next to that fantastic Mint Green Vespa. He he. :)

Shirt: Paris Shirt from Forever 21

Skirt: Dior

Jacket: Calvin Klein

Close up of my rings. The one on the left is from Violet Boutique. The one on the right was a present from a friend.

This is a fashion blog, but I've been a bit shy about putting pictures up of myself to show what I'm wearing. It's something I always enjoy about other fashion blogs, though, so I wanted to stick my big toe in and give it a try.

The day ended with a glass (or two) of champagne.

Here's an artistic pic taken by my Sweetie of one of those glasses.

Such a day full of sunshine.