Vintage Crush

I'm Crushing on These Vintage Bags What is it about a purse that makes me go all aflutter? I never get bored of purse shopping. Perhaps it is something about finding a transportable home for all of the things that keep my life on track - my Blackberry, wallet, calendar, lip gloss, a book / fashion mag, a pen, a notebook, a camera in case I get inspired by what someone is wearing. Those things must be with me when I'm on the go, thus they need the proper carrying case.

I'm particularly getting interested in vintage purses. They have so much personality. They also make me wonder about the woman who carried the purse prior to my use. Who was she? What did she need to haul around in order to keep things going and on track? Who did she meet up with when carrying the purse around? There is always a back story to vintage items. I like to think that some of that story rubs off on the object and becomes a part of its identity.

So, I've been looking at vintage purses lately. Here are some of my faves -

Such a great summertime purse!

1970's Straw and Leather Handbag from Adrian Company Vintage ($23.00).

This 1940's Ornate Brown Corde Clutch is from Allen Company ($98.00).

I wanted to include this 1960's Pocketbook Full of Sunshine Wallet as an example of vintage wear that is on ModCloth ($24.99). ModCloth carries new clothing that is vintage inspired, but they also have a small vintage section on their site. I don't know who their buyer is, but he / she has a fantastic eye. The buyer is so good, in fact, that it can be difficult to purchase items because things get sold as soon as they are listed! So, if you see something you love and it is available go ahead and make that purchase!

This purse isn't normally my style, yet there is something about it that I find quite appealing. Maybe it's because it looks a bit like a 1960's Easter Basket? I found it on Rusty Zipper where you can shop for purses by decade or by style. Also, on the homepage you will find clothing in different categories including "Hippie Clothes." Ha!

Finally, this purse is from Couture Allure Vintage Fashion (otherwise known as the store I talked about in yesterday's post!). I can't help but talk about them once more because of this lovely bag:

It's a 1950's Soure Embroidered Straw Purse ($125.00). In my mind's eye I can picture my Grandmother carrying around a purse like this in 1950's Miami. Here's a close up of that romantic flower detail -

It's chic and tells a story. Two excellent qualities when it comes to vintage!

Have you found a great vintage bag? Where did you get it? Any other online stores we should know about? If so, leave links!