Royal Wedding Wear

What I'm Wearing to the Royal Wedding The Royal Wedding is only days away, so it's time to decide what to wear! It would be very pressing issue if I was actually attending the event. Alas, I will be watching on television like the rest of the world. But, a girl can dream, right? So here is my hypothetical outfit (which was purchased with my hypothetical budget).

Here's the thing - I found the PERFECT dress. It's vintage and faboosh.

Isn't it amazing? I love how it looks sugary like a cake decoration.

I found it at Couture Allure Vintage Fashion for $325.00. Couture Allure gives part of the backstory for each piece listed. This dress is from the 1950's and was originally sold in a department store in Portland, Oregon. Designer Syd Rappaport sold it as part of a formal wear line called Rappi. I wish more contemporary party dresses looked like this. So beautiful.

For shoes I love this Crystal-Set Suede Sandal by Jimmy Choo.

This heel is delicate and whimsical just like the vintage dress. I like that it is a pinkish / nude color with a little bit of sparkle. At $1,850.00 I'm glad that these shoes are coming out of my hypothetical budget.

Next, you have to help me with the hat situation. Apparently hats are a must-have at a Royal Wedding. (Check out this great online gallery of hats worn by royals at weddings.) I took this assignment very seriously and looked at a variety of headpieces. The search took me to some faraway corners of the web where I came across many Kentucky Derby hats. But, the one I like best I actually found on Etsy.

The Grey Kentucky Derby Wedding Fascinator Hat is from Hats by Cressida for $120.00. It's fanciful, whimsical, a bit absurd, and very bold. I might wear it if I was feeling particularly brave.

These hair clips from BHLDN are much more my style:

The Dewed Vines Hairpins have Swarovski crystals, are handmade in the U.S, and sell for $140.00.

I'm a big ring person, so when it comes to jewelry I think I would like to go in that direction instead of having big earrings or a statement necklace. I was drawn to this Antique Cameo Ring because it eludes to a sense of family and tradition and is a lovely light pink color.

It's from Paris Couture Antiques and goes for $595.00.

What do you think? Should I go for the hat or the hairpins? What would you wear to the Royal Wedding? What do you think of the different pieces? Are you going to do anything to celebrate? Do tell!

For more information about the Royal Wedding go to the official site here.