This Hallway as an Outfit

Interior Decoration & Apparel One time I was visiting my lovely friend Rian and I noticed that the outfit she had on matched her living room perfectly. The colors, design, and overall feel of the outfit blended right into her home decor aesthetic.

When clients have trouble understanding how to build an outfit based on color I often bring them paint samples. I'm especially fond of those cards that show a picture of a room and then give paint chips of all the different colors that are utilized. They give a sense of how color can make something pop.

I know that this isn't a new blogging concept, but I wanted to take a picture of a beautiful room and turn it into an outfit. The room I'm focusing on is actually a hallway.

It's so summery, isn't it?

Side note: I'm pretty obsessed with dogs, and I call each one I see Buttons. Because I want a dog named Buttons. So, isn't that a great picture of Buttons? That actually might be the real reason I selected this picture.

Here is the outfit:

M Missoni Bold Stripe Chevron Dress ($695.00)

Girl, That's Sandal-ous Sandal from ModCloth ($69.99)

This shoe represents the wooden flooring in the hall. Plus, it's a great way to ground an outfit that has bold colors.

Thuret Earring from Chico's ($34.00)

Just like the orange bench makes a statement in the hallway, these earrings draw out the bright color within the sundress.

Yellow Colour Block Mini Cross Body Bag from TopShop ($40.00)

I like how this bag complements the overall feel of the outfit without being too matchy-matchy. The yellow is soft, but the gray lines give it structure.

What do you think? Does the outfit draw out elements of the hallway? Do you know of any other apparel items that would evoke the feel of the room? If so, let me know!