For the Love of Violet

New Violet Boutique Opens in NW DC There are so many things to love about shopping at small, independent boutiques. The merchandise is unique and money spent supports local entrepreneurs instead of large chain stores. The down side of buying at boutiques is that prices tend to be higher.

Which is why I'm LOVING Violet Boutique in Adams Morgan.

Violet Boutique

The store exhibits all of the ups of a small boutique (fun merchandise, friendly / knowledgeable employees) AND has amazing price points. Think of it as the boutique equivelant of Forever 21 - the clothing is trendy and playful, while the prices are easy on the pocketbook.

What a breath of fresh air!

See those sunglasses in the picture above? They are $10.

This beautiful statement necklace? $24.00.

Cute sundress? $42.00.

It's a fabulous place to pick up a new dress for a party or an accessory that will pull together an outfit.

I can picture myself popping in frequently to find something that is cute and affordable. Because it is all about stimulating the economy while supporting an independent business, right?

Violet Boutique

2439 18th Street, NW

Phone: 202-621-9225