5 Fab Prom Dress

5 Amazing Prom Dresses Prom season is upon us and this year I'm paying close attention to the dresses that are on the market. Call it the Hailee Steinfeld effect. Steinfeld, who is 14, showed up at the Oscars in an amazing gown. Although she didn't come away with the Oscar that night, she did land on numerous Best Dressed lists. The phrase that was repeated over and over was, "age appropriate," as in she looked beautiful, fresh, and age appropriate.

I've been thinking about age appropriate dresses as it relates to prom attire. Granted, the girls who will be attending prom this year are a bit older than Steinfeld, but finding a dress that is sexy (but not too sexy), beautiful, and confidence-boosting can be quite a tricky task. Many of the items placed under the category of "prom wear" look like they should be worn by someone who is 27 - not 17.

Case in point is this One Shoulder Prom Dress by Jasz from Prom Girl:


My quest was to find 5 gowns that were pretty, dressy enough for the prom, and age appropriate without being stuffy. Here's what I found:

Number 5

The Floral Fantasy Dress from Sydney's Closet is such a breath of fresh air. The flowers look painted on (like it is a beautiful impressionist painting) while the cut is flattering. This dress comes in sizes 28, 30, and 32.

Number 4

I think cotton candy was the inspiration for the Evening Tallulah Strapless Dress by Betsey Johnson.

Yes, it's strapless. Yes, it's short. But, it's not too short. It looks like it is supposed to be worn by a 17-year-old who is going to a party!

Number 3

Don't let the name of this store freak you out. The Sophia Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing is all about old Hollywood glamour. It's meant for curves (and is available in sizes XS through 2X), and at $98 is the most reasonably priced dress on this list.

Number 2

The Strapless Print Prom Dress from Prom Girl is such a lovely and unique piece. The blue flowers tumble down the front and back to make it look like a painting. Small sparkles and a little train gives it an extra boost of glam.

Number 1

The Naughty Nights Dress from Sydney's Closet has a name that could worry Mommas out there. Don't let the name influence your love of this dress!

So, the neckline is plunging. But the thing I love about this dress is that it is made for curvy girls - and it is GORGEOUS and it WORKS. The empire waist gives definition, the cut is flattering, and the variance of green / black is well done. It also comes in blue, but I'm quite partial to the green. The Naughty Nights Dress is available in sizes 14W to 28W.

What do you think about these prom dresses? Are they age appropriate? Would you wear one of them (or would you approve of it if your daughter / niece wore one of them)? Do tell!