Tea with Karl Lagerfeld

Want a Little Lagerfeld in Your Tea Cup? Have you ever wanted to have tea with Karl Lagerfeld? Well now you can! Pret-a-porTEA is a kitschy new product that pairs tea with some of the biggest names in fashion.

I love how the design allows the fashion icon to just hang out in your tea cup. Those outstreached arms make them look like they are in a hot tub hanging out. Hilarious!

This one has Naomi Campbell carrying a cell phone. Double hilarity!

Pret-a-porTEA can be found at Fred Flare for $16. Which seems a little high for 5 tea bags, but at least you can say you had tea time with these super stars. Also, a portion of the proceeds are donated to Bethanien-Kinderdoerfer, a German charity that provides assistance for disabled children.