Love & Fashion

The Story of the Ring and My Valentine Sometimes a ring is not just a ring. After being in so many closets I realize the deep connection between memory and fashion. There are certain items that may not seem significant at first, but to the owner they represent a pivotal life moment, a relationship, or just a memory that fills them with joy.

The below story is about an object - a ring - but, it is really about a strong memory of love that was expressed by my father. The older I get the more I understand how blessed I was to grow up in a household that communicated love frequently through words and through actions. I know that's not everyone's story.

Sometimes it takes courage to express love in different types of relationships - with family, friends, coworkers, partners. Valentine's Day is becoming more of a day of accountability - do the people in my life know that I love them? How can I make that known throughout the year? Do I express it clearly? Do I express it even when it's difficult? I'm working on having the courage to love people with abandon, with an openness of heart, and to love individuals when they are prickly and it isn't easy. It's a continuous life lesson.

So, here is a story about love on Valentine's Day. Many blessings and love to you this day. xoxo