National Swap Day

DC's National Swap Day Event at Nana This past Saturday was DC's National Swap Day event hosted by Quarter Life and Nana. Oooh, did it ever make me a believer in swapping!

Here's how the event went down:

Fashionable DC ladies brought in bag(s) of clothes that they wanted to swap. Volunteers then put together and organized all of the items - we are talking LOTS of clothes and shoes!

Attendees then came back and were able to pick out as many shoes, clothes, and jewelry items they could fit in one bag.

Here's a glimpse of what happened when we opened Nana's doors and the shoppers poured in. It was quite amazing!

DC's National Swap Day Event at Nana from Kaarin Moore on Vimeo.

This event made me a believer in swapping. The quality of the clothes was superb and it was such a joy to watch people discover treasures for their wardrobes.

I came home with lovely dresses and a pair of yellow flats that will be worn on the first day of spring!

Did you attend the swap?