Candy Coffee

Candy Coffee & Small Pleasures In Fayetteville, North Carolina, there is a small hair salon that is an absolute gem. My family lived in Fayetteville for a number of years, and when the holidays rolled around I would book my flight down south and then immediately call the Clip Joint and set up an appointment.

Going to the Clip Joint always guaranteed coming home with two things: a fabulous haircut and a buzz from the Candy Coffee.

Candy Coffee is one of the many drinks offered to Clip Joint's patrons. It's a super-sugary caffeinated treat that is similar to drinks served at Starbucks. But, having a cup while reading a celeb-filled magazine and watching a stylist (who was more of an artist) work wonders with hair color was such a decadent escape.

I was thinking about that experience today while rushing around completing last minute minute errands. My to-do list kept getting longer and my stress level continued to rise. Then, when the memory of Candy Coffee came to mind, I decided to stop and make myself a cup. All of those fun memories of getting my hair done and talking to my uber-talented stylist, Christy, came flooding back. It made for a lovely moment.

Cup of Coffee

My guess is your to-do list is quite long as well. The holiday season can be filled with such joy, but there are also 100 errands to run, things to do, logistics to work out, etc. The challenge is to find small pleasures as we go through these last few weeks of 2010. Mine today was sugar coated, but that's just one example. Take a bath, read a magazine for 10 minutes, do a yoga pose, take a break to call a friend...Think of something small that gives you a moment to just breathe and be present.

Candy Coffee Recipe

Make a cup of coffee and add creamer. (There are lots of great holiday flavors on the market right now like gingerbread, eggnog, and peppermint mocha.) Add a teaspoon of sugar and stir. Add whipped cream. Place chopped pieces of chocolate or candy cane on top.