Awesomely Bad Sweaters

5 Awesomely Bad Holiday Sweaters The golden years of horrible holiday sweaters may be behind us. The 1980's were an excellent decade for tacky Christmas wear. Even in the 90's everyone and their mother (and grandmother) started sporting a holiday sweater the day after Thanksgiving - and it was considered cool. Alas, the holiday sweater has been relegated to hipsters and / or the ironic Holiday Sweater Party.

As a fashion consultant I'm very thankful that stores are carrying fewer Christmas cardigans each year. But, there is a part of me that is quite nostalgic for the joy a really bad sweater can bring. Thus, here's a look at some awesomely bad sweaters out on the market right now:

Home for the Holidays Sweater form The Tog Shop

(on sale $58.99 - $69.99)

One reason I just LOVE this sweater is that it looks like it came straight out of 1987. My guess is that a few people out there have this exact sweater still in their closets. It includes hand embroidery and gold thread accents - two essential elements of an awesomely awful holiday ensemble.

Quacker Factory Fiber Optic Lighted Holiday Sweater from QVC

(on sale: $32.96)

This holiday sweater bypasses the passe colors of red and green and goes to a dramatic ice blue. It also includes one of the best sweater enhancements ever: fiber optic lights. Amazing. If you are going to go all crazy-holiday-apparel I say go all out. Get the one with the lights.

Sledding Scene Pullover Sweater from CJ Banks


The number 3 sweater on our list includes a little bit of everything. Reindeer, snow, a kid sledding down the wearer's torso, trees, and red doves. The kid riding the sled is wearing a green snow sweater too! A sweater on a sweater = total bonus points.

Christmas Morning Cardigan Sweater from CJ Banks


I love this sweater because it tells a story. It's snowing outside, it's dark in the house, and presents are waiting by the tree. Santa is even carrying a mesh bag, and there is a cat (?) sitting in the window. Speaking of cats....

Holiday Kitties Novelty Cardigan Sweater by The Country Ewe


Kittens love Christmas too! Cats wearing scarves and holiday bows are featured on the front, back, and arms of this sweater. Awesomely bad at its finest!

Do you have a horrible / wonderful holiday sweater in your closet? Any great Christmas sweater stories from the past? Do tell!