5 Crazy Shoes

These Shoes are Crazycakes This week I have been doing some research for an upcoming column for the website Sex Really. My fashion investigation led to an interesting discovery - there are lots of crazy shoes out on the market right now! They range from fun to hideous. Here are my top 5:

Crazy Shoes #5

Iron Fist Turquoise Frankenstein Platform Heel from Hot Topic

Price: $24.74

A closed monster mouth above an open toe. Love it.

Crazy Shoes #4

Purple Corset Style Lace Up Platform from Electrique Boutique


This heel has an 8 inch heel and 4 inch upper platform. And a corset.

Crazy Shoes #3

Make Way Heel from ModCloth


I actually think the right type of fun personality could totally pull off this heel. But, I would like to rename it the, "Girl, Did You Just Walk Through Skittles?" Pump.

Crazy Shoes #2

UGG Australia Bailey Button Krinkle Boot from Nordstrom


There is so much going on with this boot I'm not exactly sure what to say. The bottom part of it looks like a clown shoe. The top of it does look warm, but, then there is a crinkle finish. If you need one other thing to throw into the mix you can order it in purple.

Crazy Shoes #1

Jeffrey Campbell Mucho Brown Sandal Boot Heel from LuLu's


For the woman who has very cold ankles but very hot toes.

What do you think? Do you like some of these selections? Hate them?