Hilarious Fashion - Urban Outfitters Edition

Hilarious Fashion - Urban Outfitters Edition (Bonus! Models Eating!) I've been receiving Urban Outfitters catalogues only for a few months, but I always get such a big kick out of them. I expected hipster clothing, ironic t-shirts, and cute housewares, but what I did not expect was to get a giggle while flipping through the mag.

Case in point - this picture of my Uncle Eddie:

Okay, it isn't my Uncle Eddie. But, if this guy was 60 years older he would be the spitting image of Eddie. Crazy hair, disheveled clothes, coming through the door in a confused state where you KNOW some kind of bizarre life situation has contributed to his haphazard appearance.

Then there are these guys, who look like they are acting out a scene from Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby:

Guy 1: I give you one option. As a sign of humility, if you kiss me on the lips now I will return to Paris and you will never see me again in NASCAR.

Guy 2: The answer is never. Do you hear me? Never EVER.

Finally, what is going on with this girl on the far right? Her expression is ha-larious:

But, I must give credit to Urban Outfitters for showing something rare - pictures of models eating. When was the last time you opened up a fashion mag or catalogue and saw a woman eating something? It was quite the welcome surprise.

Have you ever thought a company had entertaining catalogues? Do tell!