DKNY Evening Wear

Stunning Donna Karan New York Style Many of you might be getting ready for the holiday party season. As you reach in the depths of your closet and bring out your LBD, check out Donna Karan's interpretation of the old standby:

I call this the "Business in Front, Party In the Back" Dress. It's actually 2 pieces - a top and a skirt. It has a simplicity of line but is incredibly dramatic. This is not wallflower evening wear! Can you imagine the type of exit you could pull off? It reminds me of the clever line from the movie Face Off, "I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave."

(Things I never thought would happen - quoting Face Off in a fashion blog.)

DKNY is giving an extra 30% off sale items online now through Sunday, November 28th. Both the top and bottom are on sale.

Sculpted Felt Ruffle Gilet Top $710.49

Slim Evening Skirt $668.49

Have you ever pulled off a dramatic exit wearing just the right outfit?