Style at Red Palace

Brightest Young Things Style at Red Palace The Brightest Young Things 1st All City Happy Hour event was last night at the newly renovated Red Palace. (The Red & Black and Palace of Wonders recently joined forces to become the Red Palace located at 1212 H Street, NE.) There I met photographer Shauna Alexander.

Headshot of Shauna Alexander

I loved her outfit because it was such a fun use of color and accessories.

Full Length picture of Shauna Alexander

Isn't that an amazing pop of yellow? I asked if she purposefully bought both the shoes and the cardigan at the same time so that they would match. As it turns out it is Shauna's favorite color, she buys it as often as she can.

Picture of yellow high heels

Picture of Cross Ring

Full Length picture of Shauna Alexander

Here's a breakdown of the outfit:

Cardigan - Madewell

Dress & Ring - Forever 21

Tights - Cusp

Heels - Jodi's Shoes

Belt - From a NYC Boutique

Glasses - Prada

Shauna has been a professional photographer for a year and a half, but just recently took a leap of faith to pursue it full time. We are so proud of you! To see more of Shauna's creative flair check out