Sophisticated Style & M29

Sophisticated Style & Holiday Trunk Show at M29 in Georgetown M29 held a holiday trunk show last night featuring Moyna handbags. I went to check it out and was greeted at the door by Ronald. He barely welcomed me to the store and asked if I needed any help before I said, "Ah! I have to take your picture!"

Picture of Ronald at M29

I was just smitten with his clothing and style.

Picture of Ronald at M29

He is able to pull off a look that is both sophisticated and approachable.

Ronald at M29

The cardigan and corduroy pants are from Zara. He is wearing frames from LA-based Giant Vintage. The watch is from Nordstrom, and both the shirt and tie are vintage. I love how he combines vintage and modern elements to create a polished look. How fabulous is Ronald?

So, back to the Moyna trunk show. Each bag is hand beaded and embroidered. I especially enjoyed this pink handbag because it looks like layers of flower petals:

Moyna Handbag at M29

Here are a few more examples of the purses:

Moyna Handbag at M29

Moyna Handbags at M29

Moyna Handbags at M29

The store also carries clothing:

Clothing at M29

And gifts:

Ballerina Dress at M29

Owl at M29

And decorations for the holiday season:

Star Decorations at M29

Many thanks to the staff at M29 for such a great evening!