Neiman Marcus & Hilary Knight

Neiman Marcus Christmas Book Cover by Hilary Knight Oooh, I was just thrilled to get the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book this year. Not only do they present delicious (and sometimes outrageous) gift options, this year I was especially thrilled to see the cover. At first glance I noticed that the artwork looked familiar.....and with further inspection found that it was done by Hilary Knight!

Cover of the 2010 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

For those of you who aren't familiar with Knight, he is the fabulous artist behind the Eloise books. And, if you don't know Eloise you must drop everything this instant and go to your nearest bookstore!

Eloise is a precocious six year old who lives at the Plaza. I think of her as my mischievous inner child.

Drawing of Eloise

I once had a chance to meet Hilary Knight and the word that best describes him is "dapper." I only spent a few minutes with him, but he was very kind and gracious.

When I opened my mailbox and saw his holiday drawing it was such a lovely surprise!

2010 Christmas Book Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus 2010 Christmas Book

What a great way to be reminded of the kid inside this holiday season!

In somewhat related fashion / Eloise news, Betsey Johnson recently designed the interior of the Eloise Suite at the Plaza.

Picture of Betsey Johnson in the Eloise Suite at the Plaza Hotel

Here's to Eloise, Hilary Knight, holiday shopping, and thinking pink!