Musical Dress

Dress Made Out of Sheet Music Worn by Singer Julie Feeney The amazing Julie Feeney performed at an intimate concert last night as part of The Pink Line Project's Salon Contra. The Irish singer / composer came out in a stunning dress made out of the orchestral sheet music from her 2nd album, "pages."

Close up of singer composer Julie Feeney

Full Length Picture of Julie Feeney in Sheet Music Dress

The dress was handstiched by artist Sharon Costello Desmond. 250 yards of gold thread were used to piece the dress together - seven inches of sewing took 2 1/2 hours to complete. (More on how the dress was designed can be found on Julie's webpage.)

Close up of sheet music dress worn by Julie Feeney

Her headpiece is a replica of a house that was created as artwork for the album "pages." Both the dress and headpiece were amazing pieces of artwork, and such a joy to see in person.

One of my favorite moments from the evening was her performance of the lovely song Impossibly Beautiful.

The video showcases 18 different hats made by milliner Piers Atkinson.

Feeney usually incorporates 3 costume changes into her performances. When asked about how she merged fashion and music she said, "You have to be careful. Why are you doing it? Why are you wearing it? Is it coming from inside? It has to come from inside."

Julie Feeney will be on tour in the United States in the spring of 2011.

Many thanks to Pink Line Project's Philippa Hughes for such a great evening!