Inspiration from Coco Chanel and Tim Gunn

Fashion is in the Air CoCo Chanel once said, "Fashion is not simply a matter of clothes. Fashion is in the air, born upon the wind...It is in the sky and on the road."

I was thinking about that the other day when I was taking a walk in NW DC.

Picture of Yellow Leaves on a Tree

Yellow Leaves on a Tree

There is a tree-lined path near my apartment where all the leaves have turned bright shades of yellow. A wind picked up and the leaves started to fall - they looked like big pieces of yellow confetti as they twirled through the air. It was an amazing sight to observe and filled me with such joy.

I think part of living a stylish life has to do with noticing the beauty that is all around us. We don't have to create it, it already exists. And it will be there whether it is noticed or not.

In Tim Gunn's book Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making it Work chapter five is entitled, "Get Inspired if it Kills You."

Cover of the book "Gunn's Golden Rules"I was so appreciative that he included this subject matter in his book. Inspiration is such a huge part of living an artistic and engaged life, but sometimes it can be difficult to obtain. When Gunn's students asked him how to get inspired he would say:

"Look around you! Look out the window. Go for a walk. Go to a movie. Go to a museum. Go see a show. Read a book. Go to the library. Take the Circle Line. Have a conversation."

Each day on Twitter I issue a challenge. A few days ago my challenge was for people to think about inspiration and what lights that internal fire. It was (and still is) a challenge I issue to myself. I go through seasons where my well runs dry and the continuing need to produce, produce, produce, is exhausting. My guess is that others feel this way too.

I don't think there is a single solution to obtaining inspiration. Lately my answer is simply to stop, breathe, and notice what is around. Sometimes life's soft answer is to produce a fashion show of leaves falling to the ground. And sometimes that is just enough to fill me up and inspire me to keep going.