Redefining Sexy

Provocative and Amazing Lingerie Advertisement

I have watched the above ad for the lingerie store Liaison Dangereuse many times over the last few days and have been pondering it quite a bit. On the first view the ending surprised me in such a great way. It's a beautiful piece that makes a point about fashion, beauty, and the definition of sexy in about 40 seconds.

I think there is a tendency within the Western World to make judgments regarding beauty and sexual identity when it comes to the burqa. This commercial really challenges all of those ideas. On the flip side I wonder if there is a bit of molding to those Western ideas - that it is saying our methodologies of what is sexy can be adopted anywhere. I keep going back and forth on whether this commercial is a sign of progress or it could perhaps be offensive to those who wear the burqa.

What I do know is this: I have never spent time contemplating a lingerie ad before seeing this commercial. What do you think?