Kim Kardashian's W Cover

Kim Kardashian's W Cover (Or, Girl, where are your clothes?) So, Kim Kardashian is on the cover of the November issue of W Magazine.

Kim Kardashian nude on W cover

And, she's in the buff.

I really don't care one way or the other about Kardashian posing nude. It doesn't upset me and I don't have any type of moral dispute with it. But, one reason that I love W is that is is such a beautiful fashion magazine. It's oversized format makes it perfect for fashion photography. The viewer gets a sense of the drama and beauty of clothing. Its format also allows the audience to see clothing detail that is lost in other publications.

So, when I see a fashion magazine I want to see clothes. And this girl is nekkid. (See previous explanation of the word "nekkid" in this post.) Kardashian talks about her public perception in this issue and how she plays into it - which may be the reason that the editors chose to place her minus clothes on the cover.

W does occasionally push boundaries when it comes to their cover images. Remember when their cover of Angelina Jolie was huge news back in 2008? It was for the November Art Issue as well. I'm just a bit confused about the objective of this particular issue. Is it for shock value? Is it because the female form is utilized in so much within artwork? Is it to try something different? What's the connection between art, fashion, and a nekkid Kardashian? Any theories out there?