Fashion & Music

Wherein a Girl Falls in Love with a Band at the 9:30 Club & Contemplates Fashion & Music I saw Menomena at 9:30 last night. Their opening act, Tu Fawning, was such a wonderful surprise. They are out of Portland and have a sound that has been compared to Portishead, Tom Waits, and 20's/30's big band music. By the time they finished their set I had a rock and roll crush on the entire band. Their sound is complex and layered and builds on itself (which makes for an amazing live performance).

It also started me thinking about the space where fashion & music meet - I'm quite fascinated with how career and clothes come together. And how fashion is interpreted by artists. I wonder how being a musician infuses life into other areas - and how deliberately or naturally wardrobe decisions come to the artist. Which artists are making tactical decisions because they are building a brand / image? Which musicians don't even think about it, but clothing becomes a means of expression because all life is about expression?

I think these questions are particularly interesting in DC because this area is so focused on work. There is a particular DC uniform. So, artists truly stand out.

I guess my real question is do we allow our passions / joy / art to infuse in other areas of our lives, or do we compartmentalize? Can clothing be an indicator if we are compartmentalizing?

Lots of questions for just going to a concert. But, I guess that's what art does - inspires questions.