Sick Fashion

Fashion for when you have a cold. I'm stuck in bed with a bit of a fever and the sniffles. It's more annoying than anything.

But, it did get me to think about fashion when we least feel like it. Meaning, fashion for those days when all we want to do is curl up and snooze.

I did a quick search and came up with these cute and comfy items:

Ahh...don't you just love sweats that have been perfectly broken in and are incredibly soft?

The blanket with the UNC logo is from Target and made out of sweatshirt material. Such a great item to wrap up in while watching Breakfast at Tiffany's or reading a good book. I've been meaning to get around to Tim Gunn's latest, especially after all of the hullabaloo it caused with Anna Wintour.

What's your most comfy go-to item when you are down for the count?